Monday, October 13, 2008

Why I Like Small Schools

I love small schools. For one thing, you actually get to know your professors. My dad is a Prof. of Constitutional law and property law at UNL (and one of the faculty’s few staunch conservatives). There are usually a lot of students in his class, and though there are a few he likes because they are hard-working and know their stuff, he’s almost never established a camaraderie with a student. That’s because of the vast number of students that go through his class doors. The increase of students there this year is about the same as the total number of students attending Concordia!

The second great thing about small schools is the ability to participate in activities. Think how much competition there is a large school to participate in the school plays, athletics, and other EC activities. When I attended the first Sower meeting, I thought I would have to do weeks of volunteer work before I’d have a chance to write. Carson asked who was interested in politics and I raised my hand, and BOOM, I got my own column. At UNL, it probably takes journalism majors years before they work their way up and get their own column! No one could possibly excel in several areas at a big school; they would have to focus on their strength. But at Concordia, kids can get involved in multiple activities together. Many of the kids I’ve met in Improvables and art classes will be trying out for the school musical, Kiss Me Kate. That means I’ll have ample time to form friendships with these people.

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